Tuning Speculation I (Nov. 2013)

DAY ONE (Friday, November 1, 2013)

Mitchell Akiyama (McGill) & Bethany Ides (Bard)—What Do Sounds Want? Speculations on Acoustic Autonomy.

Marcus Boon (York U)—The Drone of the Real: On the Sound-works of Catherine Christer Hennix

eldritch Priest (U. Montréal/York U)—A Plague on Both Your Ears

Amy Ireland (U. of New South Wales)—Noise: An Ontology of the Avant-Garde

G. Douglas Barrett (independent, NYC)—The Debt of Philosophy: Cassie Thornton’s Debt 2 Space Program and the New Materialism

Will Schrimshaw (Edge Hill U., UK)—Infraesthetics

David Cecchetto (York U.)—Four aural-neiric speculations with a very fat head

Gerhard Schutz—Trail of Soft Matter

Alexander Wilson (UQAM)—Contingent Conspiracies: Art, Philosophy, Science

DAY TWO (Saturday, November 2, 2013)

Jonathan Scott Lee (Colorado College)—An Experimental Analytic of the Beautiful Real

Amanda Boetzkes (U. Guelph)—Affordance and the Speculative Perceptual System

Geraldine Finn (Carleton)—To Speculate – On Speculation

Michael O. Vertolli (Carleton) & Lendl Barcelos (Goldsmiths)—Sonifying Abstraction: A Synthanalysis

Marc Couroux (York U.)—Xenochronic Dispatches from the Domain of the Phonoegregore

Matthew Toth (Western)—Sound, Speculation, Spectra: Aesthetic Speculation in Gérard Grisey’s Partiels

Christof Migone (U. Toronto) & Alexandre St. Onge (UQAM)—Turn, turn turn: undo’s dizzy tactics in des tournages