2011 World Telekinesis Competition


It has come to our attention that The Occulture’s splinter group, “violænce magique institutée,” is said not to have won the 2011 World Telekinesis Competition hosted and staged by the Pacific Northwest posse Noxious Sector.

In our omniscience this is absolutely preposterous and impossible given that our victory was un accomplissement futuro.
Until such time as we will have won the 2011 World Telekinesis Competition violænce magique institutée contests the counterfactuality of this decision.
cecchetto   *pas possible*
couroux   true
Priest   ‘rong

An eldritch manifestation.

Earlier today, I was tipped off to what appears to be an alternate xenaudial narrative, in medias res. Neither xenaudial nor myself have the foggiest idea who’s behind this, though the latter pointed out that the numbering begins exactly where phase 1 left off last August (and where phase 2 is set to begin momentarily, xenaudial assured me). This said, “xenaudialtwo” does not pursue any thread from phase 1 (at least that we can immediately discern). Predictably, xenaudial was delighted by this stylistically-consistent apparition (after I informed him of it), having long believed in the contagious spread of ideas which develop their own egregoric “body” over time (the amended tagline also received punctual appreciation: “a phonotropic break”). The Occulture, xenaudial devotees, will be watching this site closely over the next few days and will report back when the situation clarifies or opacifies.

– Couroux

UPDATE (June 9): New post on “xenaudial” (two) which fills in details missing in the cryptic opener. Stay tuned.