The Null Cipher Cycle

The Null Cipher Cycle (2005/2013)

Engram Knots


The Snark

One day Pablo lost his imagination. You wouldn’t think this was a problem, but can you imagine losing the very thing that you’re using to imagine what it’d be like to lose the thing you are using to imagine what it would be like to lose? You wouldn’t even know that it had been lost; in fact, you wouldn’t know that you wouldn’t know that it had been lost. That’s how Pablo felt. Maybe. Except for the weight of brute literality, Pablo had no care.


Mordant Wit

It’s me again. Not from the first time, but the second. Yes, the one after that. But didn’t I already say that? Are you sure? Okay then. Let me begin: It’s me again.


Far too many and still too few to be taken seriously

Twice now he’s found a single straight long blonde hair lying just beside his notebook placed on the smooth wooden surface of the kitchen table where he ate breakfast. His hair was grey and short.


Partial Vectors for a Future Slang 

Torticolis is French for “stiff neck.” “Clitoris to” is an anagram of the former. “Raga man” is “anagram.”